From the details, reveal the personality; By collocation, release the aura.

Jiaxin Jewelry specializes in all types of customization and design. We can complete the customization online, but if needed, we have a large team of designers, and we can complete the design and customization in a short time

Our team makes custom designs one-on-one with us, and the customer's satisfaction recognizes that we are very serious. Therefore, before any design starts, we will customize your customization, size, material, and of course, then ask us to design unique according to the requirements. 100% to meet the requirements of consumers, any region we give priority to DHL air delivery

The beauty of craftsmanship engraves the miracle of minutes and seconds, and extraordinary timepieces meet the novelty of time


Limited edition


Jewelry design, using precious metals, jewelry and other materials to design and make jewelry handicrafts technicians. Mainly engaged in jewelry design creativity, jewelry computer-aided design, jewelry production and technology, precious metal jewelry design and creativity, etc


Jewelry design

New customization

In the world of jewelry, although the materials used in various countries are precious metals and gemstones, the jewelry design styles of various countries have their own characteristics, and the different design concepts also make the jewelry world more colorful.


Artistic design concept

Inherit beauty

It has the beauty of historical inheritance, auspiciousness and naturalism. The Chinese jewelry design style is based on China's 5,000-year-old traditional culture and contains a large number of Chinese design elements.


Promise and goodness

Noble and exquisite atmosphere

A ring is a piece of jewelry that represents love, commitment and beauty. Gemstones are the soul of the ring, and their design concept should be consistent with the overall style of the ring to convey a chic, noble and exquisite atmosphere.


Design Concept


First of all, I believe that the design of ring gemstones should strive for uniqueness. Most people are Xi to choosing common gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies. However, believing that everyone has their own unique preferences and human nature, the design philosophy is to break the traditional choice and provide a novel selection of gemstones. For example, I would choose rare and beautiful gemstones such as jadeite, amber, amethyst, etc. These gemstones are not only unique in color and texture, but also convey a distinctive temperament


Pure and flawless

Pet Beaver

Place the stones in a delicate setting and let them show off their beauty and brilliance as much as possible. At the same time, I also take into account the cutting process of the gemstones to make them more dazzling

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